Outsourced Email Support

In this day and age, customers expect that their emails are answered within a reasonable time, and all the issues are resolved in the first email reply.

  • Go beyond the first resolution
  • Scalable Costs tied to emails processed
  • Our relationship representatives connect with your customers


Consider outsourcing to India for various benefits:

Outsourced Emails Handling

In this day and age, customer expect that their emails are answered within a reasonable time, and all the issues are resolved in the first email reply. We at MADITBOX, understand customer’s demands and work hard to meet SLA’s and first resolution metrics. Email support can be offered for technical and non-technical products and services.

The most basic and most commonly used form of contact is e-mail. To make e-mail support as efficient as possible, for both the agent and the customer, simple but powerful tools are used. Our innovative email support ticketing system allows tracking your customer across all channels: no matter if their first contact is via phone, the second via chat and the last one via email, we are aware of the problem, and every step the customer has taken to solve it so far. As a result, MADITBOX is always able to provide the precise answer the customer is looking for.

The knowledge we gain with each project in e-mail services is applied to the next, which we use to enhance customer services for our current clients and new clients. This knowledge can be seen in for example the e-mail templates that we create together with our clients which are used to guarantee the quality and consistency of our answers, while improving response time to the customers. We also work together with our clients to make our knowledge base available to their customers as a self-help system, opening up a whole new world of customer support-related information to them, and quickly addressing hot issues by adding new articles with the click of a button. E-Mail Support also caters to your customers’ requirements quickly and delivers solutions directly in their mailbox.

Our experience of serving customers from various business domains has also helped us in creating comprehensive knowledge base of most commonly asked questions, thus enabling us in sorting out customer queries more efficiently and in minimum possible time. Consider outsourcing to India.

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