As part of our back-office outsourcing services, we deliver the following services to our customers and partners across geographies:

Back Office Services

Back Office Outsourcing Services:

Mortgage Services: MADITBOX is one of the leading mortgage outsourcing companies and is a one-stop-solution for all your mortgage processing support needs & can handle up to 1000 loans monthly. Key Services Offered: Pre-processing Support, Processing Support, Mortgage Closing Support, Mortgage Post-closing Support, Appraisal Support, Mortgage Title Support, Underwriting Support and REO Support.

Data Conversion: Data is the lifeline of any business that deals with the flow of information as the baseline for its success. Information is data converted into a meaningful form. In this respect data conversion plays a critical role in centralizing the flow of information and regulating the same.

Data Entry/Data Processing: Effective day-to-day data management of different areas of business is mission critical for every organization. Any issues in terms of quality or delay in data processing may hamper customers & the bottom line. By outsourcing your data entry requirements to MADITBOX, you can greatly reduce the infrastructural demands on your firm, doing away with the need for hardware/software installations, technical maintenance and human resource recruitment and training.

Document Management: We have a unique innovative integrated document management solution – by incorporating together the, basics of Service/Physical Storages with Document Management Solutions (DMS) and Data Storage procedures. Innovative integrated document management model benefits break down into two main types; Tangible and Intangible.

eBook Conversion: We provide eBook Conversion services to authors and publishing houses to digitize books and release on many eBook reader platforms such Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Apple iBook, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo etc.

Outsourced  Email Support: The most basic and most commonly used form of contact is E-mail. To make E-mail support as efficient as possible, for both the agent and the customer, simple but powerful tools are used. Our email support for customer service and technical service will help you cut costs by outsourcing email handling tasks to our team and thereby save on resources and time.

Outsourced Online Chat Support: Live chat is employed by web hosts for customer support. This service works on their website directly with instant responses from a support agent. It helps you engage directly with your customers and be available for them to contact you in real-time. Customers don’t need to look for assistance on the phone, email or social media. Added convenience is what helps build strong relationships with your customers since the availability of help and the speed at which this help is delivered are often the two most cited reasons people say they had an enjoyable experience with a company. We can handle your chat support by being online 24/7 or 10/5 depending on your business requirement.

Translation Services: MADITBOX offers fast, accurate and cost efficient document translation services to businesses worldwide across multiple industries and time zones. Our ‘can do’ approach sets up apart from other services agencies and we set trend in constant innovation, quality work delivery and customer satisfaction.


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