You would have already come across news that Cucumbertown is going to stop services soon:( Their ad services will stop after December, 2016.  And their technical support for all blog owners will stop after March, 2017.

We understand that it is stressful for the blog owners relying on the platform to switch to another platform and handle all migration and setup processes. But Cucumbertown’s strong tech support will help all their bloggers with necessary migration tools and we can help you setup quality blogs on WordPress with similar design and features for their existing users.

Our offer:

We can help you get rid of the stress of painful migration process. We have extensive experience of delivering over hundreds of sites and apps. We will help you with:

  1. Setting up self-hosted WordPress blog.
  2. Setting must-have plugins including for recipe format, SEO, Analytics etc.
  3. Setting up web layout design of your choice. We can share some designs that are similar to your Cucumbertown design or even nicer designs.
  4. Migrating contents to WordPress from Cucumbertown export.
  5. Setting up Analytics and traffic monitoring, Google Webmasters, advertisements, social media links etc.
  6. Managing updates to WordPress and helping you with on-going maintenance and support.

Advantages: You will get full share of Google and other ad revenues that are displayed on your blog pages after successful monetization.

We understand that choosing a platform like WordPress would be stressful for you since many of you would be new to it. However, we will be back-end support for all technical aspects. All questions small or big you have someone to help you migrate without hassles. We will be available through phone calls, emails and chats.

Please Note: Since Cucumbertown was a manged service we recommend you to opt managed WordPress hosting where we will take care of everything.

Unmanaged hosting is cheaper and also available with us (but we won’t recommend because of design and ads limitation).

Contact us to discuss about all these before starting migration process:

Have a great day!

About MADITbox: MADITbox is a leading IT and marketing services company based in Bangalore, India. Since opening its doors in 2013, it has delivered hundreds of web and digital experiences, across a multitude of platforms and industries. It has served businesses from many countries like US, Canada, UK, UAE, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Tanzania etc. and assisted them with quality and quick works delivery, reliability and cost savings.