Which eBook format does Kindle support? PDF, ePub or Mobi?

So you've written a book and you need to get it out into the world. You've chosen to self-publish it, however you're not by any stretch of the imagination know how to transform that book content on your PC into something that can be read by general public. In this post, we will demonstrate to [...]

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30 Digital Marketing Terms and Their Definitions – Explained

Analytics or Web Analytics The analysis of data gathered by visitors' activities on your website or mobile app, for the purpose of exploring ways to improve design, features and marketing campaigns. Tools like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel and Piwik can be used for analysis. E.g. "We are using web analytics tools to get new and [...]

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30 eCommerce Terms and Definitions Every Modern Seller Should Know

eCommerce, Ecommerce, e-commerce; however you spell it, the term is now firmly lodged in our language in the recent few years. The following are definitions of the more widely used terms related to eCommerce or Online Shopping: eCommerce Commercial trading process of products and services online. Platforms like websites or mobile applications allow people to [...]

Should you build a responsive mobile website or a mobile app?

The advent and rise of the Internet has helped connect a diverse strands of users owing to which a huge number of businesses have gone online. With the internet access now available to countless number of devices, mobile-friendly content is crucial for connecting with users as well as ranking well on search results. Naturally one [...]

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What is Digital Marketing? What are the Benefits for Small Businesses?

Digital marketing is a ubiquitous term for the marketing of products, brands or services; using modern day digital technologies that run mainly on the internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, engaging on social networks or any other form of digital media. Ideally speaking, digital marketing or online marketing represents a convergence of ideation, [...]

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Cucumbertown Blog Migration to WordPress

  You would have already come across news that Cucumbertown is going to stop services soon:( Their ad services will stop after December, 2016.  And their technical support for all blog owners will stop after March, 2017. We understand that it is stressful for the blog owners relying on the platform to switch to another [...]

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