Language Translation Services:

MADITBOX offers fast, accurate and cost efficient document translation services to businesses worldwide across multiple industries and time zones. Our ‘can do’ approach sets up apart from other services agencies and we set trend in constant innovation, quality work delivery and customer satisfaction.

Languages covered:

  • English Translation
  • French Translation
  • Spanish Translation
  • Arabic Translation
  • Chinese / Mandarin Translation
  • Hindi Translation
  • Kannada Translation
  • Maldives Dhivehi / Divehi Translation
  • Japanese Translation
  • Russian Translation
  • German Translation
  • Italian Translation
  • Welsh Translation
  • Turkish Translation
  • Portugese Translation
  • Korean Translation
  • Swedish Translation
  • Greek Translation
  • Thai Translation
  • And many other languages


We have expertise in the following fields:

  • Legal Documents Translation
  • Financial Transaction
  • Website Translation
  • Medical Translation and Transcription
  • Technical Translation