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Social Media Marketing

MADITBOX has a highly skilled and talented team of social media experts whom have a proven track record of creating and maintaining powerful social media crusades for companies to ensure their entire brand is being represented accurately across all platforms. More people use their smart phone to search the Web than ever before. When they find you, it’s important you have something to say. Your social media channels can become a go to target on a daily basis.

There are several reasons to include social media in a company’s marketing approach, but remarkably, the most important reasons are almost always unnoticed. This can be inimical to a business as it often leads to improper implementation and unreasonable strategies. This eventually leaves those using social media wondering why they ever started. For this reason, it’s important that those individuals considering social media as a marketing strategy first consult with a professional to see if social media marketing would be a good fit for their business. Although social media is the favored marketing channel for most consumers, it’s not right for every business.

Google and other leading search engines prioritize websites that produce charismatic and engaging content for their users. When it comes to the Internet, the customer is certainly always right. Social media platforms provide amazing opportunities when it comes to building a strong reputation. With a well sought out strategy, MADITBOX can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, InstagramPinterest, Vimeo, WhatsApp and many more to keep your audience committed and interested in your business. Social media marketing just means setting up Facebook page. Social media actually extends far beyond Facebook. It’s true. Other social media venues include blogs, forums, and social bookmark communities just to name a few. Facebook is just a part of social media.

Social media marketing is all about pushing free and advertised contents to consumers. Social media marketing is actually a lot more than just advertising material. Most companies using social media as just an advertising platform see very little benefit. Again, effective use of this type of marketing requires community engagement. For example, some companies have used social media to increase transparency. Others have gone to great lengths to create online personalities that consumers enjoy and even tune in to.

This past year, companies leveraged social media more than traditional advertising channels to advertise their products and services. We can create buzz for your products through contests, engage with your audience by promoting relevant and interesting content, and provide compelling company insights and news.


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