• It has been now proved that approximately 21 percent of Internet users consider online advertising to be the most relevant advertising system.
  • Internet advertising has overtaken other traditional advertising media such as newspapers, magazines, and radio. And it’s about to take over television shortly.
  • With new platforms for advertising evolving on a continual basis, it can be complicated to choose the right medium.

Online Advertising Services:

MADITBOX provides internet advertising services to help its clients promote their brands online and to bring more sales.

Platform Expertise: AdWords (for text ads on Google search engine and banner/text ads on Google AdSense registered websites, games and applications), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

In terms of efficiency, the advertising industry is now starting to rise out of its century-long infancy. The new era of innovative advertising can be called as “the new Wanamaker era”. John Wanamaker was a devoutly merchant from Philadelphia, who in the 1870s not only invented department stores and price tags but also became the first modern advertiser. He was the first advertiser who bought space in newspapers to promote his chain of stores. He brought a much needed revolution in the advertising world. A few years ago, when the Internet hit the market, advertising industry got a new medium. And soon whole advertising world was taken by storm in capitalising on this media.

According to a recent advertising industry survey, it was revealed that Internet advertising will be generating $428 billion revenues this year. This is a whooping amount in comparison to the last year’s $220 billion.

Majority business owners worldwide know that the Internet has now become an essential tool when it comes to running their businesses successfully. However, you should also understand the role played by the Internet in the lives of their customers. You should be capable to locate people who are using the Internet; their key interests in the time spend on the Internet and their preferences to purchase products and services on a daily basis.

By having a solid understanding of certain aspects of Internet advertising, companies can find the right media mix that works. To achieve success in Internet advertising, you ought to have a clear knowledge of the basics of Internet functioning. Additionally, you should try to understand that some media can work for you better than others depending on your type of customers and the products you offer.

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